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A simple way to send the perfect gift

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A simple way to send the perfect gift


Spread twice the joy with Smilebox Gifts Online. Choose from dozens of top retailers and send all of your gifts via email. Best of all, the recipient can exchange their gift online before it's even been shipped. Gift giving has never been this easy! Learn more Subject to Jifiti Terms & Conditions

Find the Perfect Gift:

Looking to send a gift? You're in the right place

Simply enter the recipient's email or mobile number and we'll send them a link to the gift. They enter their shipping address and it will be sent to them. If they prefer, they can select anything else.

Why use Smilebox Gifts Online?

Because here you never have to worry about a shipping address or if it's the perfect gift. The recipient puts in their own shipping address and can get anything else if they don't need that gift.

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